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As A Tree, I Heal

cb0423de-adcc-4758-9c81-0daa5c1dada8.jpegI believe in the magic of trees. I can be found touching, smelling and cozying up to trees. They’re all so welcoming, fragrant, protective and accepting of love from us. My ancient friends on my land, lovingly offer their sap which I respectfully process into delicious syrup. Bark, of the Shag-bark tree also creates a delectable syrup. Elderberry, Linden, Maples, Oaks, Willow… Oh, my momma Willow. How I honor thee. I would say one of the most disappointing events I witnessed this year involved my 100+ yr old Willows.

Standing strong with all of their wisdom of the ages, a massive storm struck. Tornadoes swept the surrounding towns and made their way towards our land. As I stood inside and peered apprehensively out onto my land, the wind became so fierce it began to throw the trees from side to side like they were small sticks. Then I noticed. The top of the trees began to vibrate violently and then sheared off from their 60+ft reach.

I screamed, “Noooooooooooo” and cried from the pure horror. My screams were so automatic it scared and surprised even me! I could not believe what I was seeing as they came crashing down, the ground exploding under the weight. Incredibly violent it was. I had not realized how attached I had become over the past 25 years. My view, my confidants, my shade, my shield from passersby, regulators of water in the wetlands, home to birds and squirrels, holders of secrets, wisdom and century old farmland.

The trees have healed themselves in their own way since that event. New growth has sprouted and filled in. They are surrounded in the love and healing energy of their soil mates. They have done what they can with the resources available. New branches, leaves – life continues despite trauma. Despite trauma. In observing the healing capabilities innate to trees, I was inspired to record my thoughts…

As a tree, I heal
Tapping into earth’s energy
My roots
Grounded in partnership
My branches reaching
To heights of heavenly support
My highest self a witness to Spirit
Receiving, sending love and compassion
Roots underground
We communicate
And heal our neighbors
We are a home
For feathered friends
Tiny critters
We stand centered and solid
In the wisdom of optimism
Be-ing healthy and alive
Tree medicine
bark, sap, pulp, buds, leaves
Releasing, purging
Dropping what no longer serves
Extra weight and dis-ease
Uprooting as a final gesture of love
Making room
For the promise
Of new life, new connections
Earth and sky
New healing medicine
As a tree, I heal

As I see it, in our trauma healing – we reach for Spirit, God, the sky and dig deep to our roots, to ground, connecting with others for support, exchanging energy, blossoming, showing our new colors, giving back to others with our new-found strength and life. Not much different for trees. After all.



4 thoughts on “As A Tree, I Heal

  1. I love this. A giant fig tree at a the park was my higher power in my early days of addiction recovery and like you I see them as great healer’s, protectors and shelterer’s for those of us who have had our nature hurt or traumatised and are seeking to heal and reconnect to true earth!!. I remember screaming in pain when neighbours cut trees down and when the reserve near where I lived for a time had trees felled. It distressed the kookaburras who cried out in protest. Beautiful spiritual post. ❤

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    1. Thank-you! Yes, trees are so very sacred. We make a wonderful partnership and feel deeply for their losses too. I never really wrapped my head around how much trees meant to me and provided to me from such a very young age. These are the gifts of healing – meeting again – the forces that held us together as we were barely hanging on.


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