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For The Love of Gratitude 11/26/18

For The Love of Gratitude

Today I am so thankful to lead a normal life, messing up things as I go along. Today I placed the stack of mail on top of the mailbox so I could load both garbage cans & the recycle bucket into the back of my car. Then drove down to my house. It’s raining. By the time I came back up to get the mail it was soaked, blown half into the woods and completely transparent. I brought it inside and hung it here and there and here and there. Fine reminder of what I’d like to forget – when I’m feeling ridiculously inadequate 😔.
Then I come into the house and happen to look out on the back porch. I left an artificial pointsetta out there and when I went to bring it inside (cause it’s raining) I noticed that the porch (and now my hands) looked like a crime scene with red dye running all over OUR BRAND NEW PORCH !!😳 after I swiped it all off the porch, my shoes, my hands and calmed down I realized something…
I’m an unmade bed and that’s ok. Not perfect. Shit’s gunna happen, sometimes all in one day. Sometimes all in 30 minutes. If these are the only issues today – it was a damn fine day.

image Dig deep and muster GRATITUDE even when life feels like a dirty trick. Even when it feels like someone might be filming you. Even when everything you touch turns to shit. Even when.

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