Back At You

Oh reflections.

I am taken by images reflected.

Somehow more interesting than the image in its natural state.

Maybe perceived as less threatening, less of reality.

Circumstances, angles altered, unexpected- just enough to catch our busy eye.

Tipping life on its side.

Can we still love what we see when we look at our own reflection?

Can we love what is presented back?

Even the crooked, warped, uneven, wrinkled, tired? Looking from a different angle, is there love for your imperfections?

What beautiful things are shining back at you…


Self Care Friday

Self care Friday.

Eyes closed.

Spend time in the rhythm of your breath.

Make friends with the space between your thoughts.

The answers are in the silence.

Inhaling gratitude, exhaling pressure.

In this moment. If JUST in this moment.

Being thankful and connecting with the present moment improves our health.

Rest, repeat.

Pic of found driftwood, dream catcher 11/2018

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Sunday Somethin

img_2222OH on a Sunday morning. Warmed by the Spring sun, greeted by a worn out Winter smile. I aspire to relax into each hour. Making the most of the present moment. Recalling how I’ve crawled up the backside of a landfill to create space. Enough space in my life to let the warm sun IN to thaw my soul. Sunday restores the depleted/empty caverns carved by a less than satisfying week. A less than satisfying life. Our positive reserves may have run dry, our good intentions steam rolled.

Sunday’s are meant for replenishment, for celebration. Pregnant with possibilities, resetting intentions. We remember that everything works out, falls into place, everything. Clearing, cleansing minds for the coming week. Beginning anew. The privilege of a clean slate, a refresh. In deepest gratitude, Sunday.