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I Should Worry More

True story. Phone rings…

“Mom, I found this dog. I was hiking pretty high up in the park and this dog walks up to me and continues to follow me back down the mountain to my car. I thought, wow, he must be thirsty so I got the bottle of water from my car and offered some to him. He was very thirsty. A little blood on his foot and leg but seemed happy. There was no one else around, I hadn’t seen anyone on the trail in quite some time. I said good bye to the dog and opened my car door. He jumped right into my car and immediately made himself comfortable on seat, curling up like the seat was his all along. What are you doing? I asked with a big smile, my voice half-laughing, thinking like yeah, he would fess-up. LOL. With the question, the dog promptly hid his face under the center console. He looked shameful and oh so tired. I called my Mom for some advice. Hi, I found this dog and now he’s in my car and I don’t know what to do with him.”

I promptly reported this strange event to my co-workers. Every female I told had a similar reaction. – Your son is hiking alone? Up on a mountain? By himself? Aren’t you afraid? Ugh. Immediate thoughts of Mom inadequacy raced in my head. How could I LET him do that? Maybe they’re right…my CARING Mom meter teetering in the YOU SUCK range.

WHAAAT? He’s well into adulthood, mid 20’s and is in great shape, has a phone, intelligent and adventurous. Should I be afraid? Panic? Should I worry more? I wasn’t aware that my worrying would keep him safe πŸ˜‚. Apparently I must have been absent for the “worry” lecture in parenting 101. πŸ™„.

All this gasping in the room and we almost forgot about the dog predicament. Sweet Pitty from the pics and video. Dog ended up having a tag on for an animal hospital several towns away. One telephone call later – dog and owner were reunited. The man who claimed him said the dog has a habit of wandering off. Whew! Happy ending.

Now back to my worrying so I can be a good Mom 😳.

5 thoughts on “I Should Worry More

    1. I know!!!! I work with a bunch of worry-warts haha. I think they think I don’t care about my kids cause I’m not up in their business every minute πŸ˜‚. I think they’re cat people also. I am too but I do love doggies too. Thanks for giving my blog a chance. Happy New Year!

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