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I’ve had some very interesting, very deep, connections – I like to call them soul connections with people on my path in this lifetime (and I’m sure, multiple other lifetimes). Some people would refer to my experiences as a “soul mate” or “a twin flame” relationship…I just think that whatever they are called they are the most profound experiences of my existence. I don’t search for these connections, they present themselves to me, in the form of dreams, visions, remembering past lives, astral travel, remote viewing and other weirdly fabulous shit. LOL.
This person I refer to below was someone I knew as a child and oddly enough resurfaced in my life 15 years later. We were friends of each others’ spouses. I have to add that we never had a physical relationship but my connection to his Spirit is something that has profoundly changed the way I love myself. the connectedness of our souls is/was undeniable.
If one can withstand the severe highs and lows of such a connection – the gains in self awareness and healing of old wounds are nothing short of profound. Life changing. I will blog more about this in the future. But here is a synopsis of our last journey. I call it REACHING because that’s the feeling I felt the most.
I gave of my heart
Leaning into you
Endless supply of love
Admiration I afforded
Your beautiful Spirit

The depth unmatched by you

Your earthly self

Aloof and unaware
Smug in your unconsciousness

Away from you, I have myself

Beside you

Trails of my energy linger

For surrender, for the taking
Walk into my dreams
Take what you want
I am selfless
All is yours
Your empty, tragic existence 
My only desire is to fill you
Somehow I am responsible
Soul Mate
We take turns running
Pain and pleasure
Oh so much pleasure
I am alone in this
Secretly wishing you’d awaken
Oh! a heart of presence 
Validate my Effort
My loyalty
See me, see you
See something
But a beautiful tragedy
It always is
Many lives
Same story
Top speed, no parachute
A terrorizing, familiar fall
Nothing to hold onto
Except self destruction
Killing of myself
For you
I love the way it hurts
Desperately reaching
See the giving of my soul
Are you paying attention
I have no more to give
Wide open, no fence
Destruction lives here
Addicted and hungry
I feed off your fucking pain
Get off on the depth
Bring it on me, yet again
I lick it up
drink your tragedy
Quite delicious 

Raw, wrong

My heart bleeds

My endless supply of love
Now fuels my separation
Love for myself
Awakened now, clearing

Taking my energy back

Armed and wise

Shielded and centered
I am present and free
Free of your predatory energy
You will
Respect my power
But not one taste
For you
Despite your amazing Spirit
I will not yield again, no
Now you may watch

My light onshore

Illuminating your path
In the rough seas 
Of your existence 
No reaching
No longing
But separation,
Away from you 
I return home
To myself
Without you 

One last time

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