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The Human Condition

We all matter far more than we typically have a clue about. Love is what is real. Although we tend to believe in what we can see and touch and hear around us, only love is real. I’ve come to believe that reality is both revealed and concealed by the world we see with our eyes and that none of us are who we appear to be. None of us.
We really do matter more than we have a clue about. I believe that our suffering comes from not understanding about the goodness of what our individual life means. We may feel alone. We are not alone in any way like we believe we are. We are far more connected to each other than we are willing to admit. I think the point of our lives is to BEGIN to get it. 
Then, to take this nugget of understanding out into the world. To understand the human condition and share our struggles and failures and fuck ups and secrets with others – wounds healing 101.
Our souls tell a much different story of who we really are. That trust, that “no hiding” look we exchange with another – tells us that on some level they’re also receptive to deeper connection. Isn’t that the goal of being here? The dream? The striving to attain a deeper sense of trust, compassion, love and acceptance – between us – with the realization that “perfect” doesn’t exist and there’s not a fucking thing wrong with that… gosh that’s gorgeous.
Imperfection is the new perfection.

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