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Holy Hell, Happy Friday

It’s Friiiiiiday, it’s FRIday, it’s Fridaaaaayyyyy! It’s finally here, the day we’ve been waiting for. Arriving in secret, as most of us are on our third dream. Slipping in, around, under the cracks. Unstoppable. It brings a bag, packed with darkness, then light, then darkness.  In-between our deep, cleansing, renewing breaths. No need to be conscious, Friday doesn’t care much. It doesn’t ask permission! Friday arrives anyway. Anyway. It’s no accident that this glorious day, held so closely to our hearts, begins with F.

Fun, Fantastic, Folly, Frivolousness, Fuck, Freedom, Freak, Feline, Fifty, Falcon, Fish, Fire, Flowers, Fabulous, Flirt – some of my FAVORITE things are on this list – no accident, no accident. May we welcome each Friday arrival like it’s our last. Who knows?It could be…ORRR you could get the opportunity to witness and participate in 1000’s of Fridays for years to come. THAT’s a “a big much” like my son used to joyfully exclaim around his pacifier- loosely translated as, “holy hell Mom, that’s a shit ton”. 😳😂

What he was trying to say was that sometimes we struggle with just the right words to nail a feeling. Another one of my son’s episodes of butchering the English language now comes to mind… We will be experiencing Fridays for “a lot of whiles” LOL. Loosely translated, “Shit Mom, that’s a long fucking time”.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could just dump the rules of language and boring conventions and carry-on as we feel? (like all 1,2,3 year olds) How fabulous would it be to explore with childlike curiosity, things we’ve passed by a thousand times. A billion times. Without fear of social judgement, without feeling our inner furnace ignite as we judge even ourselves, face flushing with embarrassment?  #goals

I want to express that Fridays make me exhale a big much. I want to forget everything I know and experience the world as if I just arrived here. I want to touch and taste and smell and view everything, from all angles. To discover life all over again. Then again. I want to be with other curious ppl. I need to drink in colors, feel the juice release from squished flower petals, snap pine needles and slowly take in the scent. On more than one inhale. Remove my shoes and feel how the earth coats my soles with wet and crumbly. Really feel that if I stand in one spot my heels sink slightly lower in the rain soaked earth.  What if. What if I stood on one foot. Hmmmmm. Chasing away the — “this is stupid, I’m dirty, I can’t let anyone see me doing this” — joy stealers. Nope, not surrendering my FUN to some – bullshit adult, conservative, rule-follower, anal, garbage, linear RULES. WTF

Holy Hell. It’s Friday AF. Let your hair down, put it up, shave it off, put it on….whatever moves you and translates “celebration” for you. Every Friday is a gift and so are YOU – join me in this recognition of all things F.

And I will, on Fridays, do this for a lot of whiles.

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