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27E17585-4B25-4CAE-982C-DCF77F400781The power of your voice is amazing. Expressing what’s true for you, personally. It’s where freedom lives. As we evolve, transform and heal ourselves in this lifetime, our personal truth may cause strong reactions in others. Yay! That’s expected and typical. It’s ok if others don’t understand/agree with you. They are not on your path. When you find those that can validate and sit with your truth – without judgement, blame, anger or control – but instead compassion, patience and kindness…well…you’ve just won the lottery. Keep doing you. Collecting your prize.

Find more people who are willing to feel with you. Whatever that looks like. Never stop talking about what’s true for you. Your audience may come and go. Understandable. My previous set of “friends” Have disappeared from my life. Which, has triggered feelings of abandonment and loneliness. It’s ok, I’m not gunna die. Matter of fact, yes, parts of me – the parts THEY connected with – died off. They WERE fake friends. Not available to me because of substance, self hate, unresolved trauma which is compounding on them. I had to make an exit, to save myself. To wander into the unknown, the abyss, the path to freedom.

I encourage you, no matter the hell you have lived, to find your voice. The voice that speaks the truth about who you are, where and what you’ve come from. Without shame or worry about how it looks or what they’ll think. Humans crave real. When we are real (not fake positive) we attract others who are more likely to support our “coming alive”.

Honor your voice – imagine your throat chakra, (larynx – voice box) surrounded in this beautiful blue light. Swirling around inside of the throat and around the outside. The blue light traveling up around the jawline, wrapping your ears and stretching down to and around your collarbone. Strengthening, supporting, re-energizing your ability to speak your truth. Singing will strengthen your throat chakra energy. As will conscious breathing, visualizing the air, coming in. Going out. Of your throat, slowly and methodically.  Cleansing, clearing, cleansing, clearing.

Honoring your intention of being real, living and speaking your truth.

8 thoughts on “Anyway

  1. So true this I wrote a poem on someone trying to block my voice yesterday. I have also experienced that tear of abandonment when old associations and friends left but we have to keep being true to ourselves. Its all we have and if we abandon our truth we carry the painful cost. The pain does pass in time and wisdom shows the necessary way forward.

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    1. Yes!!!!! I’m happy to hear you connected with this piece. Realizing, having and using our “voice” is a work in progress with many painful, frustrating lessons along the road. But oh so beautiful, the treasure waiting. Thank you for your time 💜

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    1. I whole-heartedly agree. It finally doesn’t matter if ppl get it. WE DO. And it’s a beautiful testament to how far we’ve come. The freedom of not having to seek the validation from external sources…absolutely priceless. And cause to celebrate. Freedom anyway. Thank you for taking the time. I love, love, love that these words, my words, resonate deeply. Blogging purpose realized! 😊

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