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A Thousand Times

There are so many people in your same situation. Speak your truth. Say it anyway. Don’t ever feel silly or too angry or like you’re gloating or complaining. Connecting with others enriches our own magnificence. Of course. Some will get it, will appreciate your sharing and some will def NOT/CAN’T/WON’T get it – at least it may give them something to think about – or unfriend you. Or run from LOL.

Their reaction (despite what we’ve been reared to believe) IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Read that shit again…THEIR REACTION IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Hard thing to unlearn. But oh so important to your mental health stability.

Say it anyway has little to do with anyone else but YOU. Speaking your own truth is sacred soul work. Expect opposition. Expect opposition, it’s around every corner… But who gives AF? It’s YOUR story, it’s what’s already happened. You didn’t create this bullshit. And it’s not who you are.

Here’s some fun shit…people who react in with anger aimed AT YOU, or defend the abuser, or otherwise try to shush you, most likely have at least one of these going on 1) something similar happened to them and they very much desire to keep it hidden 2) they have abused someone(s) 3) They were raised with “no right to exist” which renders them containerless when it comes to the aliveness in your sharing 4) deep connection and sharing is terrorizing for them and they will do anything to get out of the conversation.

Don’t despair just yet! There ARE some “normal” folks out there – (def NOT your family members 😔😂) – who are appropriately saddened or angered FOR YOU, for the injustice, for the insidiousness. Hang on to these gems!

Find someone with experience (preferably their own) mixed in with a whole body energy methodology- in childhood trauma. Share your shit! Wake up the Universe. Stop perpetuating generational secrets. Stir shit up. Go deep baby. Let’s make humanity peaceful again. Deeper. Evict the darkness. Turn the tables on the light snuffers. If nothing else, know I have your back. A thousand times. Spiritual warriors. You & I.

So be it. This or better. Anyways

2 thoughts on “A Thousand Times

  1. I love your categorizations, this will give me something to think about next time I am in this scenario. It is empowering to know who you are dealing with in situations like you described. Thanks!

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    1. Yes! Very powerful indeed to have the inside scoop. It’s helpful to know that the listener has their own shit too that they filter your info through. People rarely react to us the way we would react to us. Our story is filtered through THEIR trauma lens- which is really just another piece of the tragedy. No-one will ever have our view. Although connection is so so valuable, there are many jagged edges along the path. Thank you for your comment and stopping by to give it a read! 💜

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