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Soul Treat

People come into our lives. They may be forgettable. Or just maybe they are impeccably wise, have a deep, warm oozing heart and a compassionate spirit. Most likely having survived horrific circumstances. Muscling their way through life. Landing so specifically directed, so unexpected, so needed, this very moment on your path. I am full of gratitude today especially, for those who keep on keeping on. Trudging through the tough, the muddy, dark, dirty bullshit on their path so they may avail their hearts to others. You & me.

Exuding aliveness, receptivity and acceptance. A soul treat is offered. Living proof that a higher power exists. And we may actually be looking at the likeness of one. All is right with the world. If only for one minute we landed on something solid. We can believe that we are supported and seen in our struggle. We are never invisible. Ever. This chance meeting…catching us mid-fall, supporting our efforting. Much gratitude today for the opportunity to connect with a badass divine human. I wish this all for you, too.

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