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Only Pretty Allowed Here

img_2222Only write the pretty things. Speak in pretty tones, pretty word choice. Somehow REAL is no longer cool. Intolerable. Honesty must be extinguished, slaughtered alongside her sister, authenticity. Scattered for all to see, sliced up into bits. Swept up and discarded before we can inhale. The murdering of everything messy before we can feel, exhale. All the dirty-ies have their place (they say). Absolutely Not out in front of God and everyone. Jesus, hold your tongue. Stuff those opinions. Don’t you dare, you Bitch.

Left wondering, dare I be human? Dare I stick my pen-neck out for others to pounce on? Questioning myself…opinions are still allowed, no? Must I only express the sweet, the lovely, the feel-good, the overdone, fake and positive? Be appropriate? Lady-like? Buttoned-up and plastic? Personal struggles, truth and baggage neatly packaged away behind forced smiles and pretty language. A beastly, foaming tongue held in place by perfectly spaced white dental bars. Humanness left wondering about the ability to be fully human -all out human- without apology. 

Being real and having honest, healthy revelations can trigger some sick reactions, “Shut the fuck up, damn you” and “You can have an opinion, just not THAT one.” And family garbage relationships that finally implode “If you don’t stop writing/saying that stuff you will def not be invited to _________”.  Hmmmm interestingly enough, the reaction to the not so pretty (but true) content is much more alive than the reaction to anything “positive” I’ve ever uttered. Very interesting indeed. Why are we so much more invested and passionate about hiding the REAL? Truth stirs the pot. I say, stir the pot baby. Say it anyway thank-you John Mayer. Say What You Need To Say. Beautiful. All of it. It’s all valuable. 

The importance of healthy expression. So vital to the health of our throat chakra. Of course, uplifting expression also, when authentic and not forced sugarcoating (wishful thinking), is equally as healing.  Honest, uncensored verbal/written expression. Unscripted, free-flowing ideas. Stream of consciousness, river of feels, frees the voice within. The throat chakra juices begin to flow – lubricating, energizing the oral cavity, ears, larynx, thyroid and esophagus so we may be able to create and receive authentic messages about the truth of the human condition. Of our condition. What to say next, how to express what is important to us. So we may have a witness to what really matters in life.  Connecting.

Being raised in a cesspool of fake happiness, all other options punishable… no great mystery where the passion for all-inclusive-expression came from. I love honest expression, imo there’s room for ALL of it. As you may imagine, I am not a favorite, well liked “family” member. LOL  Strangers may love what I say, family may hate it and none of that matters. I’m still who I am, unapologetically, richly expressive.

You can have your silence, your denial, your PRETTY. As we walk each other home. Anyway. 

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