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Cleansing and Clearing

Oh, the rain falling. Reminds me of all the parts of myself that are falling away. Parts that I won’t miss. F433A73C-4442-426B-B1B6-2AB4D72CBF79They have served me but are no longer needed. The part of me that needed to say everything that was on my mind, the part of me that got anxious if I didn’t, the part of me that felt upset and invisible when someone forgot my name, the part of me that was angry and attacking when someone felt entitled, the part of me that was scared to show love to a stranger, the part of me that felt pressure to make decisions immediately – because someone was waiting.

Today, letting the rain fall on my body, gently cleansing and clearing, discarding old patterns and beliefs. Noticing how I live(d) from pressure, limited existence, fear, frozen, anger, as they flow down my body and gather in puddles. Reabsorbed into earth. Making space for a more expansive and aware self.

Renew. Refresh. Rain

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