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As If

Why do we walk around as if…

As if we are impeccable with our eating

As if we exercise 5 days a week

As if we pay all our bills on time

As if we need to apologize for everything

As if when we succeed/excel we can’t be too happy

As if we never make any mistakes

As if we never ruin or lose anything valuable

As if we don’t have crying days

As if we don’t tell any lies

As if we love our present circumstances

As if our kids are perfect people

As if we don’t struggle, ever

As if we always know what we are doing

As if everything in our life was planned

As if we have a plan

It’s ok not to have it all together. Love the beautiful mess that you are. Breathe into REAL. Prepare a place setting for AUTHENTIC. Invite HONESTY over. 

Much less exhausting. 

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