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We ARE The Event

Adorn yourself with lovely things.  What are we saving our best shit for? Don’t save the outfit, those shoes, those earrings that resemble a chandelier  – for a special occasion. Every day is the special occasion. We are the event. We are. Our existence is so very precious. Celebrate the fact that you’re here. Many people who should still be here, aren’t. Tomorrow could be your last day…feel good today. Fabulous! For absolutely no reason.

I learned some very valuable lessons today from intellectually disabled person.

This week I spent time with a child I previously met over the Summer. No ordinary child, you see, she was extraordinary. What made her extraordinary you wonder? Well, really nothing and everything. She, unknowingly, touched some of my unhealed trauma. She was able to stir up some of my long-held, restricted, outdated beliefs…her presence so magical, playful and open-hearted. 

So rooted in the moment, she held my hand and started to dance, spinning around, motioning for me to dance with her. In the middle of the school office, a public place. We danced and twirled.

I complimented her “purse” as I referred to it. Blinking dramatically, twice, she quickly, confidently corrected me, “My satchel”. “Oh!” I said, amused, “Of course, how silly of me”.  4FF03344-57DC-4864-AA0C-0220BF591A3C

She added, “Do you like my dress?” I replied, “Yes, it’s amazing, the red poppies are so pretty.” She is usually adorned with the most fun, colorful, feminine, alive dresses and proudly displays them where ever life takes her. Everyday for this child seems exciting, like it’s her first and last day on this earth – all rolled into one. 

Excited as hell to be here, experiencing, tasting, feeling, making the most out of each social encounter, showing up as is, beautiful. Simple, not complicated. A gift to everyone around her. 

I wonder, where has OUR sense of honor – for our own existence – gone? Did we grow out of it? Was it shamed out of us a long time ago? Hers is alive and well, on display for all to see. No apologies, no minimizing, she is fabulous and it’s palpable. Why do we save our “special” items – clothes, shoes, perfume, jewelry, colorful, bright adornments, etc – for an event that seems worthy?  WE are worthy – WE ARE THE EVENT. We ARE what we’ve been waiting for.

Even in the most mundane days/tasks the raw material for fun, joy and connection is waiting for us to notice. 

I share the experience here, with this extraordinary child because she truly is “special”. 

In a society where the Highest Academic achievement is still king 🙄- I find it to be a bit shameful that infectious joy, compassion, aliveness, presence, spontaneity and heart are not as prized as report card marks.

I became the student this week. She, just living in the light, is a natural borne teacher. I learned more from being with her than being with any “scholar”. Ever 


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