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Catgotcher Need

I have this black Kitty – Brookers. As a child I would have loved to have a pet who loved me as much as Brookers does. I go upstairs, she goes upstairs. I go back down, she comes down. She sits near me, on me, behind me, under me, only to be in physical contact.  Touching me and purring loudly. So sweet with the softest, fat belly that smells of warm toast with butter.

She shows me how to relax, forget everything I need to be doing and rest. Be in the moment. Just she and I exclusively. Taking up space while the world swirls around us. As an American Bombay, she is a natural heat seeker. During the day she can be found inside of something. I’m sure she’d crawl inside me if she could.

My inner child really relishes this love fest between us. The way Brookers seeks me out for some cuddles- without conditions or time limit- it just feels natural to yield, guilt free, into a gentle and loving bond. I needed such a beast as a little person. A person so lost in the instability of a tragic family structure. How I would have loved burying my face in the soft belly when things were unmanageable. When I was traumatized and confused and hateful it would have been great to have her to hold onto. She would have accepted my tears and been a constant, heavy warm blanket of peace in my sadness.

I am in love with this fur baby sitting next to me as these words spill out. She snores unapologetically, sometimes has bad breath, may up-chuck on the rug instead of the tiles or hardwood but she’s a keeper. A soul companion. Who fills a long-held need she doesn’t even know existed. Without hesitation. 💜


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