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Let’s be enough. Yeah, being enough….. sounds like a great idea but, then, there’s reality. Most of us have standards, behavior, goals, expectations, etc. that have no ceiling. There is never satisfaction. Breathless. Striving. Reaching. Your own invisible hell. You never feel enough. Your mere existence was never enough. But doesn’t it sound like such a simple idea to put into action? 

Efforting. Well, the tyrants now live inside of you. You learned so well how to pressure yourself – from the best – your first teachers, your parents. Now you are the mind-fucker. Just like every other self-injurious behavior available to us, we adopt these mechanisms because it feels familiar and oddly enough, comforting. You learned this internal “shit-talking” early on in your existence.

“NOTHING I DO IS ENOUGH, TRY HARDER, PUSH YOURSELF, YOU SUCK”  plug your ears, none of this is true. Dumb it down, no-one could possibly be pressuring you the way you pressure yourself. Dumbing it down…..expect a variety of immediate changes with regards to relaxing your perfectionism…… you will be able to listen with an open heart. This is because you will not be consumed with how others are perceiving you. You will not take shit personally. To feel “enough” means that what others think and believe about you is ABSOLUTELY not your business. Dumbing it down will bring comfort and pause to your -current- state of  hyperventilation over deadlines or creativeness or some way you have to go overboard – so you don’t have to break any of YOUR OWN set of creepy-rigid rules.

Slay the pressure-makers inside of you. A new, softer, gentler you rises from the dust and ashes of your self-imposed, insane daily schedule. (insert your name here) realizes that if __________’s good enough for me then _____________’s good enough for everyone else. Rest, relax and repeat, 80 times. Try these on: I TRIED MY BEST…I GAVE IT ALL I COULD…IT IS WHAT IT IS….

The only pressure to go with now is the PRESSURE TO LOVE AND HONOR…YOU. To afford YOURSELF- Loving Kindness – the same thing you’ve been giving those around you, for years. You Are Worthy, You Are Enough.

And you don’t have to do, be or have anything different than right now.


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