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Take a Shower

SENSITIVITY. Work with it. Use it to your advantage. Allow it to devastate you. Tear you down. Build you up. Make you feel special. Connect you with others. Allow you to feel deeply. Become more aware of just how very different you are. A gift, a curse, nothing you can do with it or about it. Open and raw or closed down and indifferent. Afraid to expose just a fraction of your heart for fear it will be ripped out before you can protest.

Sensitivity. A blessing? A curse?  It’s not like we can change it…..but doesn’t it feel like a set-up for being abused?  We feel deeply, give others the benefit of a doubt, have loose boundaries, love without question. All seemingly very attractive to someone who wants to project their darkness onto us, snuff out our light. An abuse magnet, yeah, that’s it.  Too much light emanates from our being. Our hearts are open, trusting and (apparently) ready and inviting slaughter 😦  Living on the raw edge of existence. We are targets for abuse – our hearts have impact and shine the light on the darkness around us. A beating, breathing beacon, this light is, illuminating darkness. Often attracting those who are not invested in becoming aware of what lurks in their darkness.

The dark recipient (of our light) may perceive our mere presence as if we are “doing something” to them and we are to blame. It can be very painful as we absorb mistreatment, an irritant. We may silence our own protest, insulting our own soul for the sake of pleasing others (common for sensitive folks).  It’s no great surprise that WE sensitive souls can become a target. It’s much easier to attack outwardly and discharge the rage, sadness and hopelessness onto someone….something …. to keep the dark secrets safe within. WE CAN BE A REMINDER OF WHAT THEY DON’T WANT TO LOOK AT, INSIDE OF THEMSELVES.

What is a sensitive soul to do? Seal up energetically if you need to be near/with someone who feels “dark”. Imagine a shield in front of your solar plexus and sacral chakras when you feel “exposed”. Maybe you need an iron shield, maybe some armed guards. If you’ve spent any amount of time with an energy vampire it is helpful, afterward, to cleanse your body of all unwanted energy you have taken on from the life-sucker. This can easily be accomplished by visualizing a SHOWER of light coming down on/around your body – washing away anything in your energy field that does not serve you. Another option is to get familiar with your boundaries or, dare I say, lack thereof… more to come on healthy boundaries.

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