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To Expect is to Suffer

Expectation is the root of much of our suffering. Wanting others to think or behave differently can bring great despair. Expecting people to care more, love us more, do more things with us….Truth is, others will care about us ONLY as much as they ARE ABLE – that has nothing to do with us. We are love able, worthy and beautiful. Anyway.

There is no shortage of deception, abandonment and betrayal out there. We may be lending our hearts and time to those who do not or are unable to care for us as much as we’d like them too. Again, expectations. Expectations about what others SHOULD, DO or BE for us.

The only partial antidote to suffering from expectation (that I have found) is SELF CARE and SELF LOVE.

Rather than wishing for others to be different. Rather than wishing for others to be different- we can make space within ourselves for let downs. Take the focus inward. Know that you are ok, and loved and worthy. And when people are absent from your life – nurture yourself and take care of the bruised parts within you. Care for yourself the same way YOU would for a friend. The benefits to your body and soul are amazing.

The biggest benefit of loving yourself??? You will attract those who cherish you more, love your energy and desire to be with you.

Peace out

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