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Winter Layers

BF49EBC6-8740-4B29-93BF-978FBE17CE4EFor The Love Of Gratitude Feb 3, 2019

Looking for some inspiration today I stumbled across this Wintery scene. Quiet, frozen and crunchy. Alive underneath but who can tell? Bringing me right back to my quest for something greater. On this beautiful day of my birth. When I made my way into this world, was it this kind of day? Pregnant with potential. Alive, underneath these Winter layers. Ideas simmering. Possibilities poised to be birthed?

Today, I stand. Adulting and asking, can I be doing more? What’s really important? What needs to be tossed out of my life? What fluff do I no longer need? What do I keep? Hold onto? Nourish and feed? These cold, crunchy layers of Winter-ness masking, the ME. Lulled into hibernation, stagnation, complacency. Today I look hard into the eyes of the wild. Looking for the a shimmer of a preview, the ME I came here to be.

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