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Mishaps & Curveballs

When life throws some major curveballs onto your path you have a choice. You can kick and scream and act out onto people around you, which, may feel good temporarily (deal with the consequences later) or you can use the experience for growth. We really have very little control over what happens to us. We can pray, think positive thoughts and reach out to others for comfort and support -and shit is still gunna happen.

Tragedy and misfortune bring us the next opportunity to heal wounds/baggage that wouldn’t be illuminated – had the undesirable not occurred in the first place. Viewing setbacks and road blocks in this light can somehow render them less painful, less impacting and ultimately more purposeful, decreasing the sting. Sit with the circumstance, it has something for you. We may need a blowout, or several – in order to get the message.

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