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Worthy Looks

Worthy shirt. worn with pride, reckless abandon. The looks I get are priceless. I’m not sure if they are looks of admiration, of hate, of curiosity or jealousy. All I know is that when I wear this shirt I am sure to get looks.

I often forget that I have it on. I am reminded by the hairy eyeball glances. I can almost hear their thoughts, “Who the fuck does she think she is?” “Well, isn’t she so special?” “Stuck up bitch, thinks she’s better than everyone.” And that’s just my family 😂 jk. They don’t need to see my shirt to think these things – not a joke. 🤪

Wearing this “WORTHY” beacon is a huge trigger. Triggering my need to shrink and not shine, not be fabulous and definitely NOT talk about being worthy of anything. I think it takes a tremendous amount of balls to wear something that stirs a variety of reactions, including misunderstanding because um, well, I’m no stranger to being misunderstood.

Having to be invisible as a child sucked. Death by shame and humiliation for simply existing feeling alive and wanting to pull some fun towards me.

So today I wear this shirt proudly – even if they think I’m crazy, or self serving, or tooting my own horn. Today I realize my worth, I realize that I am worthy of all life has to offer (especially – EVEN if you don’t think you are). I know that no matter what happens in my life I will not dumb down my existence just because it may make someone else uncomfortable. Sorry, not sorry.

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