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Wrinkles of Youth

Just sitting here watching the leaves unfold

Each with a secret plan

at a leaf’s pace

Like a crumpled roadmap

Part of something bigger, greater

Privy to the grand plan

Holding the potential

The promise of living the big picture

In each wrinkled green

Warmth of Spring

Brings green hands unfurling

Stretched bodies, expanding

Creases smoothing

Ready to receive, witness

Sun, rain, oxygen

Young and green

Nutritious and delicious

Woodland animal treat


All with the knowing

That life is short

All the while

Selflessly converting

Storing energy into color

For our viewing pleasure

Then perishing each in turn

As their greater good

Succumbs to slumber

Crunchy, dry bodies

Accepting, allowing

Another cycle

Until next time

Beginning anew

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