Back At You

Oh reflections.

I am taken by images reflected.

Somehow more interesting than the image in its natural state.

Maybe perceived as less threatening, less of reality.

Circumstances, angles altered, unexpected- just enough to catch our busy eye.

Tipping life on its side.

Can we still love what we see when we look at our own reflection?

Can we love what is presented back?

Even the crooked, warped, uneven, wrinkled, tired? Looking from a different angle, is there love for your imperfections?

What beautiful things are shining back at you…

3 thoughts on “Back At You

  1. I find it interesting to wonder what it’s like to have an identical twin

    You see yourself, living, three dimensional not in a mirror

    You see from a distance people’s reaction to you

    You can share ur experience with the most connected person in the world, your twin

    Curious minds want to know

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