Dusty Goodness

We travel on strange roads, to unknown destinations. Hoping to find the answer when we arrive or at least get a peek at the path on the way. Running from or running to. We push on. Pulling over, pulling out, slowing down or gaining momentum.

Searching for better, concealing the suffering. Dirt in our teeth, on our hoods, parched mouths, blinding sun, wispy clouds covering and uncovering our true selves. All on life’s dusty, bumpy, scenic road. To be content with our circumstances, regardless of the tailgaters, slow drivers, backseat drivers, horn honkers, slow drivers, passers-on-the-right… THIS is key. Accept, allow, yield, embrace all of it. Anyway.

The destination no greater than the journey. How bout if we love our circumstances right now? Not tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month. The wisdom is inside of you. Not out there somewhere. The way out, is IN.

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