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This morning the mirror calls. Check it out. The complexion of perseverance, the YOU before Life overrides. Lock eyes with your deepest presence. 20-30 seconds. 

“I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank-you”.  Escapes from your lips. Eyes may well up with the hearts tears or nothing may happen at all. Face, perhaps will soften, as recognition and pride surface. Thoughts flowing- see them flowing down the drain…..doubts, angst, worry, distracting thoughts – be gone, not invited to this cherishfest.

The experiment is one of acceptance, no judgement, looking past all that “is supposed to BE” and seeing what is. The way you would treat an old friend after missing them for 10-20-30 years. Would you focus on that stray eyebrow? The wrinkles, circles around the eyes? The off center nose? The brown or red pigment on their face? I doubt it- more like you would treasure their presence, the goodness of their heart, the lifting of YOUR heart just because they are with you.

Some of us have not SEEN ourselves, truly seen our purist self in, like….EVER.

I challenge you to try the mirror experiment. Greet yourself upon waking everyday, for one week and observe what happens or what doesn’t happen. An old friend is dying to be with you again…

Let me know what your experience was…it can a very profound experiment.



6 thoughts on “GreetingMe

    1. Wow, thank-you for giving me a read! I would LOVE to be involved. I have walked through the fire and my passion was heal myself so deeply so I could be a support to others. I had a really hard time finding support and I don’t want others to feel isolated. And most importantly that you can survive and thrive even with a horrendous early life. I can’t wait to chat!!!!! I will reach out later today. 😘😘 thank you again my lovely.

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