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There’s A Package For You

D42B1747-5832-49A6-AE2C-45F26BDD988A.jpegThere’s a delivery, yes, for you. A package at the front door. The mail carrier placed it gently on the stoop. It’s an interesting heart-shaped box, ornately decorated, with just one white label. The sender. Hmmm. It says “UNIVERSE”. Well, um, you think to yourself, that’s kinda random. I didn’t order anything from the Universe.  Er..uh…umm…a-hem – your mind kicks in and begins listing everything you’ve ever ordered from the UNIVERSE——- But, but this box is way too small, eyes narrowing… can’t be the new car, beach house, wardrobe, job, Uggs, thicker hair, normal eyesight, significant other, dog, motorhome, 100 acres of land, health and wellness, lottery winnings, clear skin, 10 new friends, thin body, jet pack suit?

Corners of your mouth dropping down. NO WAY can any of THOSE be in there. But wait, maybe it’s that engagement ring that will get me so much attention for merely floating into a room. Women will be gathering around me dying to sneak a peek at the monstrosity on my beautifully delicate and flawlessly manicured digit. Could it be that wad, that really fat stack of crispy, proud hundred-dollar bills? Begging to be spent with frivolity, each with its own level of possibility?  But still, the diamond earrings that could stop a gold digger in her tracks? Needing extra thick posts to hold up the weight on your delicate lobes? The kind that catch the sun’s rays on a cloudy day?  😜

Smile def returning.

The true gift here, the package from the UNIVERSE is the ability we have to use our imagination to feel as though we already HAVE everything we desire. Feeling AS IF we have the circumstances, the items, the people around us – that we most desire brings a chemical change to the body.

You see, our physical beings do not know the difference between a joyful physiological reaction of just “imagining” or visualizing an experience and actually really having it.

So important to fantasize about your intentions and desires. Your body reaps the benefits of the immediate drops in cortisol, lowering blood pressure, relaxing the overstressed adrenals and circulating endorphins and serotonin in response to the “perceived” pleasure – real or imagined, MAKES NO DIFFERENCE 🤓.

Just yesterday I entered a raffle at a local health/beauty store. My intention was to win. I told everyone I saw that I was going to win. I intended to win – there were no conflicting feelings. I imagined HOW I would feel, really tried that on. Smiling, pleased with my good fortune. I said out  loud, “things are always working out for me”. I imagined how I would use the products – I even imagined WHICH basket of goodies would be mine. (I placed my tickets in 3 of 20 baskets offered). Out loud I intended, “I am winning”.

Well, when I got the call that I had won, I cried tears of joy.  How did I know? The Universe was listening and I was clear with my taking on “As If”. You are manifesting your intentions.

I might add, that your “dark” thoughts, f’n worries, pet-peeves, worst nightmares, poor treatment at the hands of another- may also be delivered – don’t open that shit! Lol. What you give attention to, ruminate about… will draw it to you, yes YOU. In a pretty little box. No shit, even the unpleasant stuff.

The Universe has so much to say. When I leave my house, sometimes I consciously have these thoughts, “I wonder what fun I’ll have today” or “I will see a miracle today” or “people are great”.  This usually sets me up for something fabulous. Try this experiment of childlike wonder and intention.

My wish today…is that you all receive packages that allow for expansion of your capacity to FEEL your way to realizing the magnificent.


2 thoughts on “There’s A Package For You

  1. I love your attitude of positive expectation for each day. Author, Marcel Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” A positive attitude certainly contributes to the development of new eyes that take note of the wonder around us and add delight to the soul. P.S. Thank you very much for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I pray you’ll find the posts meaningful whenever you’re able to visit.

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