Around every corner is a message for us. Billboards, sides of busses, at gas station pumps, shopping carts, etc.. We have been so pumped full of how life should be, who we should listen to, check in with, serve, respect, give out money to, worship, trust.  What we should have/own, how we should look (oh, my pet peeve) how we should feel – don’t be too excited, angry, disappointed, etc. you’ll look needy or aggressive or dissatisfied or ungrateful or negative LOL.

It may be a long journey before you discover the freedom to find out about Your needs, Your likes, Your dislikes. You are not a carbon copy or mini-me of anyone else. Being free from how it “should” be….now that’s FREEDOM. The word FREE does not imply have to’s or should-haves. That’s just code for “I will decide what is right for you and if you do otherwise I’m going to make you feel bad and wrong about yourself”.

Do you sometimes wear the same thing for days? get up and go out without touching your hair? don’t wear any jewelry? wait a long time between hair appointments? talk to strangers? give away your personal belongings-on the spot- because of a need you see or if someone really expresses their appreciation for, say..your scarf or hat? Do you drive a car that’s old (even though you can afford new)? Do you spend your free time with activities that fill your heart and may seem like a waste of time to others?

Freedom to be, do and have. Living on the childlike joy we’ve held back. When engaging in pleasures that feed our soul like collecting shells, coloring, painting, riding through mud puddles, creating, building, observing plants/flowers, insects – there’s this pure quality of timelessness, wonder, presence – we may have only experienced as a child. Maybe we’ve absorbed —bad, wrong, unproductive or silly— along the way. We can EASILY squash these pleasant feelings that arise with, “too enthusiastic”, “self serving”, “day dreaming”, “waste of time”- EASILY squash them 😔—With so much ease, we barely notice and give into the pressure to be, do or have something productive 🙄 Surrendering our deepest need-  in the process.

When, suddenly we realize these negative, smashing thoughts……we’ve struck gold. HERE. IT. IS.  Play, wear a silly hat, run, stargaze, catch fire-flies, adorn your amazing self in vibrant colors to match the expansion of the CHILD in you!!!!

Freedom is a reminder that the joy, your inner child, lives in each and every one of us.  Live outside the rules of your tribe. Write your own. Let Freedom take the wheel. It just can’t wait for the weekend. Weave a little sideways into all of your mundane, routine tasks.

Bring awareness to the judgement you exercise around your personal Freedom. Tell those voices in your head to go home, slay those JOY STEALER thoughts before you hand over your power to the boring, busy mindwork of life. Live like someone left the gate open. 0551CF8F-D7CD-4702-B91B-E7D737B27362

Remember…A FREE person is a dangerous person 🤪

Be dangerous


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