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I Am Deserving

AA4308FA-7632-43CB-971D-E59FDBE938A1We are. Deserving of all things amazing, bright, shiny, fabulous, and joy filled.

We are. Deserving of the quite still of the night sky, the woosh of the geese taking flight -skipping across the water, the buzz of the yellow fuzzy bees extracting pollen, the slow stutter of a monarch’s papery, powdered wings.

We are. Deserving of the peace that rides along the slowly released breath of a morning breeze.

We are. Deserving of the kind gesture of an elderly gentleman, who holds the door, in anticipation of our needs.

We are. Deserving of the rainbow patches of wildflowers in the median that would have gone, unnoticed, if not for the traffic jam.

We are. Deserving of the delicious space between our thoughts.

Deserving…not because we have to work at it, say the right thing, smile, be smart, pretty/handsome, thin, fit, wealthy, responsible, organized, please others, produce, compete, strive, have the next best idea, push, convince, persuade…

It’s Simple.

It’s Simply because we exist. There’s no other effort that needs to happen.

5 thoughts on “I Am Deserving

    1. I’ve been blessed with the change in focus from – look at all that’s been taken from me – to… everyday is filled with wonder, what amazing thing will happen to me today? It’s been one hell of a journey. Glad I can share it


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