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Today’s Affirmation: I am healthy

20160118_000852584_iOSGood morning body. Thank-you for being there even when I don’t like you much. For showing up even though I push you hard and ignore your pleas to rest. For showing up even when I numb and silence you with food or substance so I don’t have to hear your needs. I appreciate you being there for me even when I withhold that which I know to be good for you. And even present food/drink to you that may not serve our highest good, and yet, you take it in anyway. I promise to get better at listening, every day, not only when I have time or $, or when it “looks good” to others. I promise to be gentle and honor all of your processes because I realize you are forever protecting and supporting me. Through all of this. I vow to view US as a partnership. We’re in this together. It’s much easier if we love each other. LMK what you need – I’m listening…

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