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Today’s Affirmation: I am healthy

20160118_000852584_iOSGood morning body. Thank-you for being there even when I don’t like you much. For showing up even though I push you hard and ignore your pleas to rest. For showing up even when I numb and silence you with food or substance so I don’t have to hear your needs. I appreciate you being there for me even when I withhold that which I know to be good for you. And even present food/drink to you that may not serve our highest good, and yet, you take it in anyway. I promise to get better at listening, every day, not only when I have time or $, or when it “looks good” to others. I promise to be gentle and honor all of your processes because I realize you are forever protecting and supporting me. Through all of this. I vow to view US as a partnership. We’re in this together. It’s much easier if we love each other. LMK what you need – I’m listening…

2 thoughts on “Today’s Affirmation: I am healthy

  1. I agree with you and like the way you put the relationship “We’re in this together. It’s much easier if we love each other.” for we are not only bodies but body, mind and soul. Thank you for sharing!


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