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Unicorns and Rainbows

As I am in serious pain today, on my way to get some relief, I was seriously cursing the rain and gray skies. And then this happened and suddenly I’m transformed. Never curse the rain in your life because what follows is the prize. The rain in my life is a little tougher to take physically (at the present time) but I understand the purpose of it and also know that the (figurative) rainbow always shows up. Always. Thank you Earth & Spirit. Life is full of signs and messages. Whether you believe they come from God, the Holy Spirit, your Higher Self, Mother Earth, The Universe or some other higher power it doesn’t really matter.

Everything and everyone is connected. Universe, God, Humans, Animals, Past, Present, Future, Pain, Pleasure. There’s room for all of it. With this rainbow, once again, I feel seen, significant and thankful to have witnessed this colorful acknowledgment of my struggle, my clouds, my rain – if just for a moment.

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