When Hearts Show Up

I find hearts everywhere I go. Sometimes it may be a cloud, lint from the dryer, blood on a bandaid, spaghetti sauce drip, hair in the sink, a stone, even CAT VOMIT seriously- all heart shaped…on whatever, wherever. Spirit has a fantastic sense of humor. Anything to get your attention in this crazy ass life. Finding hearts can further encourage us to be mindful of our own physical and energetic heart space. Just WHAT is going on in there? I invite you to check in with your own heart to survey how this power center feels -physically and/or energetically. It may feel open, expansive and warm. Or closed, cold or hard -or something in between.

Imagine when you exhale, that the energy of your breath travels into your heart space to provide softness and healing where it is needed. Whatever that looks like for you. Sending conscious awareness into your heart, on breath, brings love and support to that energetic space. Awareness is the key.

That’s why I feel so blessed when I find hearts. The Universe is gently reminding me to check in with my heart space. See if it needs anything. I put my hand on my heart and say, out loud, “Everyday, I live more from my heart” This. This is the beginning of something wonderful. 💜

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