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Warning – Christmas Tree Cocoons

Some of you would be completely freaked out, some of you won’t notice, some of you would be intrigued and some of you would throw the tree out the window. But wait, I can explain…

I’m feeling pretty lucky, the nature-chaser that I am… My Christmas tree had these spongy, tan colored cocoons on it. 4 to be exact. What are they? you ask. Well, you’re in luck. I happen to know what these are. They are Praying Mantis cocoons with hundreds of babies inside. If you happen to see one (or 4 lol) of these on your fresh cut tree – you need to cut or snap off the branch that it is connected to and put it outside, preferably in your garden if you have one.

A442D149-DD68-44B5-A8DE-74BF238E0526.jpegC06B3E77-6CE4-47FE-9C50-CE6CD143EF42.jpegI have some experience with “raising” yes, I said raising, praying mantis for my garden over the years. They are very beneficial to gardens as they eat smaller insects hell-bent on chewing on your plants and blossoms.

If left on your tree, inside your house – they get all warm and cozy in the pod and think it’s Spring. If you’re like me, you have a toasty atmosphere, deliciously inviting to insects who just need a warm up to come out and start eating. When they hatch they emerge like a long line of soldiers, forming a chain to support each others decent. Huge eyeballs and all, they will number in the hundreds and peruse your lovely home in search of things to eat.

Not a good situation for those who do not like creepy crawlies. But I imagine your cats and dogs would be amused for quite a while.

My plan, which could be another option if you are a budding control freak like me) is to glue each pod to the top of a sundae ice cream container,(the transparent kind) and place them in the fridge until April. This keeps them in a faux Winter arrangement. When the temperatures outside get to 50-60F degrees you can place the container(s) in a sunny window. The sunlight and heat from the sun will warm the pod urging them to emerge. When most of the praying Mantis have dropped out of the pod then it’s time to transport the container outside into the garden/yard.

Now, go check that tree ya lunatic!  Good luck to all parties involved.

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