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Small Stuffs

EB62591B-A3E0-4A1C-B4CA-EF377726D3A2I look down, casually at my legs and notice blue dye all over my pants, kinda dark when I got dressed today. Earlier today my boss 😳 sitting next to me picked up my phone, thinking it was hers and now I find myself going to retrieve it from across town. On my trip across town I meet up with at least 4 different busses that I am trapped behind. Stopping and starting, stopping and starting, stopping and starting 🙄.  I pull onto my street and they are paving (it’s a cul-de-sac) and I have to wait for 10 mins while they do their thing, street is blocked.
What would we do without the small stuff? To give us lessons in patience, compassion for others, self awareness with regards to the areas we need to grow in ourselves.

Years ago I would have lost my mind behind those school busses. I would have cursed the person who mistakenly took my phone. I would have blamed my kids for ruining my pants. And def would have been steaming while waiting for the paving crew to hurry the fuck up 😬.
Thank God for the small stuff to keep life interesting, keep our attention on the present moment, what is important and feel blessed that things are not worse. If nothing else, experiencing the small stuff may just give us enough of a pause to remember how we might have handled shit in the past AND celebrate how we’ve grown- or – be more aware and real with how we need to grow ourselves.
Lol just noticed you can actually see the dye on my leg in this pic. These pants will be my “small stuff” pants 😊

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