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Delicious Tragedy

This is something I wrote whilst tearing my soul away from a delicious but tragic twin soul relationship. The beauty, no words… the gut wrenching pain and anguish, almost too much to bear. He was a runner, scared to death to know that I could feel him before I could physically see him. Remote viewing/clairvoyance, yes, I saw into his life, things I had no business knowing and seeing. Him being abused, beaten. Him hitting his wife with a baking pan…specific. Why was I privy to this information?  He was, to me, an open book – terrifying as he thought his darkness was so well hidden.  I saw all of the dark/evil of his past, but ahhhh, the overwhelming beauty of his soul, magnificent. I had never felt this way – EVER. Never a physical relationship but the purest of connections, almost too much to bear.

F328A80E-E320-4A28-9E4D-B57F1E23F2F8If your heart’s ever been ripped open and dragged through rough, dusty terrain, then scooped up and loved so deeply, deeper than ever imagined, over and over and over…then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’ve ever experienced being so crazily connected with another human to communicate with a simple glance, visit each other in dreams, feel the crushing weight of someone’s physical pain or share a near death experience……then you might just find yourself in here.

I know you,
I breathe you,
I taste your intoxicating darkness, spiked with danger n possession, delicious tragedy,
it reaches for me
an aching desire to own
but I am free
I am free
much closer to me

The rawness of your need
the outstretched hand of control
your breath humidifies my soul
a beautiful temptation,
if not for many lives together.

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