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None of This Will Matter

Many friends, few friends, one friend – yet – We may feel misunderstood. By everyone, or most of those we spend our busy lives with. Feeling invisible, empty – so many of us long to be understood and validated by those close to us. Please, would someone just GET me already? The sobering truth is that most people will never understand you, nor do they care to. They are far from understanding themselves. Def caught up in their own bullshit, they cannot give that which they do not possess. 12BDDDCB-7232-43FA-8FD5-E5A5C9EA420DPainful, to finally come to terms with this. As we grow and get to understand ourselves better, none of this will matter. None of this will matter. It could, quite possibly be, life’s next best idea to stop trying to “make” people hear and see you.

Your precious self deserves better – don’t settle for an inattentive, unavailable audience. Find someone who really listens and takes you in. Even if you have to pay them (as in a therapist), it’s terrific practice to focus on your self acceptance, having a voice and your right to exist in the world.

7 thoughts on “None of This Will Matter

  1. So true Karen, so true and soul. I was once inspired to write thus: “Until I stopped trying to belong (could be replaced with stop trying to be understood), did I really start belonging to myself”. And yes, making peace with that is ok

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