Teaching – A Bizarre Profession

Amazing summer. Just reflecting on this CRAZY teaching PROFESSION of mine (ours). We run, breathless to the finish line in June, buttoning up all the loose ends, packing up our rooms, no paper out of place. Then 2-3 weeks into the Summer we finally begin to fully unwind. Going which ever way the wind blows, accepting any invitation that comes our way. Travel, water, parties, nature, books, movies…Finally feels real, we have nowhere to report to. Trade our shoes in for flip flops, sandals and bare piggies.

Long nights and lazy mornings. No watch, no worries. Caught off guard with “What’s today’s date?” 😳Spending money we have not yet earned. Leisurely lunches, grazing all day, ice cream for dessert. No schedule, no reports, no data, no evaluations, no deadlines – just play, curiosity, breath and rest. Getting to know ourselves and our family members better in the process. Spending time in nature and watching things grow and mature.

Then, 1-2 weeks before the first day, the old familiar frantic makes an appearance. Say it ain’t so! EVERY day is cherished. Like hanging onto a fist full of balloons on a windy day. Reflecting on our intended Summer projects and what they actually became – most times not even close 😂. Inching our way, in slow motion, to the inevitable starting line, legs filled with lead.

2 days left. Hopefully we’ve created body centered peace and relaxation pathways and lasting memories we can now draw from when conflicts and deadlines come knocking during the year. Images to bring us right back to those expansive, unstructured Summer afternoons.

So here’s to bizarre transitions, where one day your life is your own the next morning you’ve handed over the steering wheel. I don’t think it’s something we ever get used to. This is what we’ve chosen. We enter with a smile and just like that, it feels as though we never left.

5 thoughts on “Teaching – A Bizarre Profession

    1. I think this therapy journey extends out across the population. Abuse is incredibly pervasive. I have met folks from all walks of life – engineers, lawyers, accountants – intellectuals who are desiring more of a heart based life. IMO all professions are represented. Not many of my co-workers are on a spiritual/therapeutic journey. I offer meditation to the staff weekly and only 2 ppl show interest and attend. There are 80 staff members in my school. I’m honored to bring another perspective to my workspace. I consider myself body centered and secondly, intellectual. IMO an available heart is what allows a connection and bond with other humans. And the kids need this more now than ever.

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      1. I agree, I’ve also offered meditation classes to my colleagues with little interest. What I mean (and didn’t explain properly) is that many of the therapy blogs I follow are written by teachers. Which I find a funny coincidence.

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