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Just Stop Talking

I really feel sick with what is going on in this world. Not fearful. Just disgusted. Honestly, I listen to/watch very little TV and other Media. I have no container. I just can’t hold the untruths, twisted facts, never-ending speculation, angry rants, discussions that somehow always go to shit, wasted energy…All in an attempt to be “right” or smarter, more powerful than the next jack wagon. Straight up BS. I do, however, have a family member who chases every tragedy, scandal, murder, suspect, victim, scam, storm, etc.. and I’m pretty sure she will let me know if I should be panicking about something. LMAO she is nicknamed ambulance chaser. Saturated and bathed in terror, negativity and exaggeration – there she lives, on high alert like it’s her job.

I have no space for this. How bout I still can’t get over the reported death of Tom Petty, then his actual death a day later?! WTF  Now this hot mess of a Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh?  And the poor Dr. who is left even more damaged than she began because she was never gunna get him to admit to anything anyway. Everyone has an opinion- and an opinion about their opinion and everybody else’s opinions. its dizzying. Should we really hear all of them? so many people weighing in, it all sounds like bla, bla, bla.The worst reality show ever.  I feel so very saddened for these ppl who are so disillusioned and misguided and blinded by the fame, the anger, the quest for fake praise, the desperation to be heard, loved, validated.  ALL looking in the wrong place. (as a side note, IMO he’s guilty AF and he’ll have to live with that. The Dr. should take the deep dive into inner work and align herself with those who support her – not continuously exploit her…. If you’ve read some of my other posts,  I have a little lol experience with wanting so desperately to be validated – it may take forever or may never come at all).

If we were all well INSIDE (or had a “recovery” mindset)….. we wouldn’t be so willing to rip each other to shreds publicly. I honestly don’t know where truth is anymore. There are so many versions of “truth”. Trickery, deceit, power, blame – these seem really important to so many. And no one ever wins – how can there be a “winner” when humans degrade each other in the interest of being “right”? “Right” is so subjective anyway. The victory is empty. The fight has stripped you of your dignity, your faith in mankind. Is that what winning is supposed to feel like?

I think our personal peace is more important now than ever – when it seems as though evil makes the world go round. I’m weaving kindness and compassion into my days, giving supplies to a needy stranger who looks into my eyes and we both cry. Helping a struggling elderly man enter his id information – on a blood lab intake computer in the waiting room. Telling a Mom, who’s frustrated with the push-back of her pre-teen son, that she’s a good Mom (we both cry). Taking the time to be curious about what a stranger has in her bag – finding out she wrote a book and then purchasing one from her on the spot.

Supporting each other, opening our hearts, listening, being present, really SEEING others in their joy, their pain, their anger, their not wanting to be here alive and present. And not trying to change anyone or anything. THIS. This is it. Stop talking so much – just stop.

WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD? Shut your mouth. Pour yourself a tall glass of shut the fuck up. BE A HERO to yourself first. Shut your mouth. Changes that are most important are the ones we make within ourselves. This may seem so small, so insignificant but oh, how very successful you will be.

I promise that you will be more impactful and create a ripple of self-care and love that even a complete stranger sitting next to you – will benefit from. Others feel it and respond to the energy coming from those with a gentler inner landscape. How delicious. Others will def feel how we’ve changed. The IMPACT ON OTHERS cannot be denied. Little by little we are lighter, able to hold space for others, and make less fear based moves in our lives. We are all in this together make it a great life or not. I’m still going to be who I am.

Just stop talking and start listening.

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