In Sickness And In Health

4A2F06D6-2734-4AD5-B959-BA5CB363977BEmerging victorious after sickness, specifically, the FLU can be likened to emerging from childhood, alive. You don’t create the FLU, you are the recepient.  You might have come by it honestly, some well meaning, loving person passed this along on a warm Spring day, stealth-like. And without you noticing, it snuck past every measure of protection of every body system.  Kinda like childhood trauma – you don’t come to the realization that you’ve been rooked until you meetup with families/individuals who didn’t have it like you did. And just like physical illness, we have many substances to help ease the pain or make bad thoughts go away for days, weeks, months – if you so desire.

There’s a reason FLU begins with an F, trust. It’s the other F word. 

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